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The importance of the Etruscans probably started (600 B.C.) with the inception of an aristocratic class, who initially exploited the local resources - there was an important presence of copper mines in the territory - and later development of the trading, helped by the presence of navigable rivers to the sea. The trade concerns both the row materials to work metals and the objects made by clever craftmen in the workshop of Poggio Civitate.

The most important period is from 600 - 500 century B.C., in the socalled Orientalizing and Archaic periods, of which important signs remain for the knowledge of the Etruscan civilitation, subject matter studied worldwide by archaeologists.

The Etruscan traces are very visible in Murlo, both in the land and in the people.

In the land, at Poggio Aguzzo, where there is the Necropolis and at Poggio Civitate, where there was the wellknown princely residence, that has provided the important finds for the Antiquarium of Poggio Civitate, the archaeological museum of Murlo.

In the people, in the DNA of Murlo people, who are considered the direct descendants of the Etruscans, according to the results of important university researche in the 80's and the more updated ones in 2007 (The American Journal of Genetics, 2007).

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