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The history of modern organisation of the Murlo territory starts with the decision of the Grand-duke Leopold II of Lorraine to abolish the state of the bishop feud in 1749.The period of the Lorrainer domination lasted till the beginning of the Nineteenth century, when Murlo was invaded by the French army of Napoleon Buonaparte.

The French kept the territory till 1814 when, with the Vienna Treaty, Murlo was given back to the Grand-duchy of Tuscany and finally to the Kingdom of Italy in 1866, in its present structure of borough.

In 1832 the the Town Hall moved from Murlo Castle to Vescovado, that in meantime had became more important with new houses that joined the old medieval villages of Andica and Tinoni.

By the end of Nineteenth century an industria enterprise - the Murlo Mines - rouses the sleepiness of the countryside, creating a minimum of infrastructures and roads and hope of employment. This initiative, with alternating of bad and good luck, came to an end at the end of the second World War, which partially involved Murlo, when the front passed through.

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