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It is the original capital of the Bishopry and residence of the Bishop of Siena; small medioeval hamlet also called Murlo Castle.


Vescovado di Murlo

Together with Casciano one of the two main centres of the borrough, one kilometre away from Murlo.

Now the centre of Municipal administration, it is a small town formed by the union of the two pre-existing villages of Andica and Tinoni. Etruscan and Roman findings shed light on the different settlements existing during the centuries. Its church St Fortunato,recently built on the site of the ancient one, contains a painting of 1475 of Benvenuto di Giovanni with Our Lady in throne with Saints.

The area boarders with the Arbia Valley , the Siennese Crete and the Merse Valley; in a magnificent position it is a balcony over the Arbia and Ombrone rivers Valley and the Montalcino hill.


Casciano di Murlo

It is the second most populated town, ten kilometres from Murlo and nine from Vescovado. A pittoresque road, that crosses the watersheds of the Arbia and the Merse rivers, winding along the Crevole Valley, connects the two towns and over the highest points of the borough.

The "Festa in Collina" has been taking place in Casciano, every May, since 1973. A pittoresque festival that attracts thousands of local and visiting tourists for two weeks. The main attraction, apart from the music,is the typical cuisine with plenty of local wine.



Small Medioeval hamlet of likely Longobard origin, very well preserved. The church, now turned into a private house, was dedicated to the Madonna del Carmine.


Miniere di Murlo

Founded after the discovery of lignite deposit south of Murlo village, it grew in importance for the production of lime, concrete and bricks on industrial scale. It was also important for its private railway, and especially for its effect of modernisation of the whole territory. Some interesting ruins are still visible on the didactic track leading to the mines.


Other Hamlets

The other hamlets of Murlo are Bagnaia, La Befa, Casanova,  Fontazzi, Frontignano, Montepescini, Poggiobrucoli, Poggiolodoli, Santo Stefano, Vallerano.

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